What is Blogging?

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What is Blogging?

04/17/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Blogging

What is Blogging? 

If you are reading this post this means you are interested in blogging and you want to do it in a professional way. Today, in this page you will learn a to z of Blogging. If you are seriously interested in blogging you are welcome here. Whenever we do something professionally, it means that we want to use our best skills to earn better from it. But before giving you the details about blogging, I will give you a brief idea about blogging. Blogging is typically a website that is completely free and a product of google.

As we said blogging is a type of free website where anyone go and share their knowledge or information. Every day, millions of people search Google or different search engines to solve their problems. It does not mean that the search engine keeps solutions to the problems of the people. It’s just that, it collects information from different blogs and websites and shows you their links.

Now we can say that google do not provide information for anything by their own, it’s us who share different kinds of information through blogging, website, YouTube or any other medium. Google just provide us the best for link for our query and redirect you to the information we are looking for. From the above mentioned points we can say, that people tend to be blogging to share their information. This could benefits both Readers and Bloggers because they both help each other in some or other way.

Let’s come back to our main topic without wasting much time.

(Blogger- means the owner of particular webpage or website. www.blogger.com is website runs by google that provide these blogger platform or tools to make their own free website and share information)

What do we mean by blog?

Blog is basically a webpage or website which we can update frequently or on a regular basis. Here we can publish content through post in a formal, meaningful, conversational and stylish manner.

The aim of blogging is to attract as many people as possible, and to achieve something, whether it's a large community building or a business, or to bring people the right information.

What is Blogging?

A web log, called “blog” in a shortened form, is actually a web page with content or blog posts. The task of writing these Blog Posts is called blogging. If someone comes to Blogging, it means that he has all the skills he can use to run and control a Blog easily.

By using the right type of tools in your Web page, you can get help in writing, posting a Blog, Linking as well as sharing the content of the Blog on the internet. This will make it easier for you to perform all these tasks.

Blogging means all the things a Blogger does regularly in his Blog, such as posting valuable content blogs, improving its design, doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), linking, sharing, etc.

Combining all these functions is called Blogging. At the same time, you must have all the features you need to do Blogging. If not then you may need to learn them from others.

What is Blog Post?

Blog post means the article we write on our blogs. These article are written by the owner of blog called the blogger. For example, you are reading this article on internet and it is written by me, so this is called as blog post.

Types of Blogging

Till here, I assume that you must have got some idea about blogging. If blogging means to share knowledge and valuable content then, what do you mean by professional blogging? Don’t worry as I told you earlier when we do something and give our 100%, off course in return we want something, that keeps us motivated. That something is nothing else but money. If can we get some earning by blogging that means we are doing blogging professionally. Professional blogging means we share valuable information and in return we can get some earning by providing that information.

According to this we can divide blogging in to two categories:

  1. Personal Blogging
  2. Professional blogging


  1. Personal Blogging- is a blogging that main intention is to share real life experience or story, about themselves or someone else. Here the blogger don’t make money from blogging. They just do blogging because of their habit. They don’t have a strategy, plan or any problem solving information. They share real life experience without any money motive. They do blogging just to share their experience and to pass the time. Example- in old age people love to reads books.
  2. Professional Blogging- Is a blogging where professional earns money and support their family in day to day life. This type of blogging is like a business for them. Now the main thing that strike in your mind, how do these professional earn money from blogging. So straight come to the point- these bloggers earn money from blogging because too many options are available online that can help them in generating money. These options are as follows:
  • Advertising (Example- Google ads, Taboola, Adsterra, etc.)
  • Affiliate Product Links (Example- Flipkart, Amazon, Code Canyon, Web Hosting, etc.)
  • Online Courses (Example- SEO, WordPress designing, etc.)
  • Online Coaching or Online Consultation
  • By Selling EBooks
  • Donations
  • Content Subscriptions

Till Now, you must have understood so much of what a blogger is. So let's move ahead and get some more knowledge. Is it possible that someone can do business without planning? No, that's not possible. Professional bloggers have a better plan and strategy through which they earn money from their blogs.

Similarly, a Professional blogger is different from a Personal blogger. If you have are in a habit of writing you can start your blog today, you don’t have to think and no need to plan. But if you want to make good earning through blogging, you need a better plan, perseverance, hard work and patience.

Please don’t misunderstand blogging. You need to go in the depth and understand it first. Blogging is not like that you just start it today, and expect some earning from next day. Like other job and business bloggers need to do hard work, focus on the plan, and most important is patience. Everything in this world needs time and you must be patience. Remember “Rome was not build in a day”.

There are too many blogger on this community who are earning too much and they left their job because they are good too in blogging. They have the perfect plan and working on the best niche. With the time they learn and adopt changes. They started their journey slowly and now they become the famous name in this blogging business.


Some Important points to become successful Blogger

Here I can share some important points which can help you to become a successful blogger.

  1. Learn from reading famous Blogger’s Blogs- Most people commends a basic mistake before starting any business is that they do not do any kind of market research’s. In blogging field also people starts blogging without market research. See in blogging also there are too many thing which you should be familiar about (for example- Search Engine Optimization (SEO- ON PAGE AND OFF PAGE), Niche, Keywords- long tail and short tail, Backlinks – Its Types and How to generate backlink, etc.). If you want to get success in blogging field, you must read blogs from successful bloggers. After reading their blogs you got the idea, how to write a blog. You will be able to plan and strategies that could generate a win-win situation for you.
  2. Unique Content- Uniqueness is mandatory if you want to start your online blogging business. Its play a vital role in promoting your content and rank on the search engines. People will also prefer your content if uniqueness will be there.
  3. No Copy Paste- You must choose your blog niche carefully (Example- you want to write on health, information technology, gadgets, medical, etc.). Make you mind and select your niche carefully. For reference you can google other blogger content, but do not copy paste. You can research and check other blogs for your reference and think what extra you can offer to your readers. Copy paste article won’t survive in the blogging industry because google don’t support these kind of activities and you will never get traffic on your website. No traffic no income.
  4. Stick to your Niche/Topic- See as I already told you niche play a vital role in blogging business. Select the niche carefully and stick to it once selected. For example, if you selected health as a niche, then just stick to health only. For a change you can add lifestyle and Fitness Niche to your blog also, because health, lifestyle and fitness are correlated to each other, but if jump to technology or gadgets article there might be a chance for losing your precious readers. And it will affect your blog somehow. So be loyal to your niche after selecting.
  5. Be Consistent- Bloggers who often forget to be consistent. This is what Consistency distinguishes a normal blogger from a professional blogger. Losing traffic in your blog is easier than gaining. So we must constantly blog. If a blogger consistently keeps writing good posts on his blog, he can create a good audience for himself, which is very important for his blog. Those who have trouble writing daily posts can write 2 to 3 posts a week, this will not reduce their productivity. I believe that posts should take special care of quality and quantity.
  6. Frequently update your Blog- Frequently update your blog, because change is time demand. If you won’t change or update your blog, your audience will find your blog boring and they will shift to someone else blog they find interesting. Daily update your content and try to add some interesting facts and knowledge that keeps you and your audience motivated.

So I hope through this post you understand the basic of blogging and types of blogging. If you like this article please share as much as you can. I my coming article i will share all the important things related to blogging. Thank for your precious time and stay tuned.